Strategy For Losing Weight Within A Timeframe

Jill planned to lose 20 pounds before her 10 year class reunion but she waited until the event was just 5 weeks away. She was determined to fit into a dress she picked up at a really good price and knew it would be a hit. She invision herself being the focus of attention at the reunion, receiving praise on her looks and being the envy of the class. Jill wouldn’t have any problems accomplishing that goal but she struggled with the rate of weight loss.

Struggling with your weight, improving strength, or taking your fitness to a new level can be a difficult task. She knew that getting started would take a lot of planning but she was motivated to get started. She begin to work out for hours at a time thinking the longer the workout better the results would be. She quickly realized this was not the right plan for the task. Taking the initial step was not a problem for Jill but she was easily discouraged when she didn’t see much results in the first 2 weeks. She begin to panic, all her dreams would be shattered if she didn’t do something fast.

She spoke with a fitness coach to determine a plan that would work within her time frame and ability to reach her goal. The trainer helped her to set smaller goals to reach along the way that would inspire her to see the end. Once she set goals, created a routine, and begin to execute the plan, she started seeing results. Planning your strategies to accomplish your goal is a very important part of the process.

She started a diet for quick weight loss, exercised everyday for 30-45 minutes, sometimes with free weights and sometimes with machines but always working on her strength that always helped her to reach her goal. She lost the weight and developed a routine that she enjoyed and would follow for months to come. Jill was very excited and the reunion was everything she had dreamed about.

Any successful project starts with a plan and a strategy to get the required results. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, if you don’t have an execution plan and follow thru, you’ll never get the results you need in the timeframe needed. Having a plan with measurable results is the best way to accomplish your results.

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